Logo Design

Hummingbird Gardens is a new venture that uses urban agriculture and school gardens as means of flavor exploration and environmental education.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, the gardens were founded by Amanda Montgomery, a garden specialist passionate about local, organic food. Located on a half acre at Amanda’s home, plentiful herb and vegetable gardens enables small businesses and locals to find speciality herbs that aren’t typically found at the farmer’s market. This includes things like tarragon and fifteen different varieties of basil. Hummingbird Gardens offers hands on education, inspire and expand palettes with unique flavors, and demonstrate how urban agriculture can be a viable method of food production.

Hummingbird Gardens’ name was inspired by the documentary, Dirt! The Movie, where a hummingbird helps make a difference by doing the best it can, and although small, its consistent and persistent efforts do pay off. When creating the logo, we aimed to encapsulate the hummingbird’s energy and optimism and combine it with a homegrown character that was handmade with care. We highlighted the story of the hummingbird and the variety the garden will boast by using fifteen basil leaves to come together to illustrate the body of the bird. The end result is energetic yet natural, like any wholesome garden should be.